Brazil holds six federal funds under coordination of the Ministry of the Environment that provide funding to actions related to environmental and biodiversity conservation in the whole country, as well as to other actions linked to the other Brazilian ministries or institutions. The following list regard to the main funds that are directly related to the National System of Conservation Areas and to environmental conservancy in the Legal Amazon.

Governmental Funds Managing Institution
Amazon Fund
Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)
Diffuse Rights Fund
Ministry of Justice
National Environmental Fund   
Ministry of the Environment
National Fund for Environmental Compensation Ministry of the Environment
National Fund for Forest Development   
Ministry of the Environment
National Fund for Climate Change Ministry of the Environment

There are also other two funds within the framework of the Amazon Region Protected Areas Project (ARPA, Portuguese acronym) that can receive private funding: The Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (FUNBIO, Portuguese acronym) and the Protected Areas Fund (FAP, Portuguese acronym).

Source: The Ministry of the Environment, September 2010.