Demonstrative projects

The Subprogram Demonstrative Projects (DPA) was created in 1995, going into operation in 1996. Its setup resulted in a process of negotiation involving the Brazilian government; international cooperation organs representing the countries of the G7; and the NGO networks and Socseg, 05/07/2010 - 15:48 | by silviaial Movements of the Amazon (GTA) and Atlantic Forest (RMA).

Implemented by the Ministry of the Environment under the auspices of the Pilot Program for the Protection of Tropical Forests (PPG7), it receives support mainly from the German International Cooperation and has as its main challenges demonstrating by means of innovative experiments and effective possibility of construction, strategies for promotion of sustainable development and, from the lessons learned through these experiments, stimulating the formulation of public policies that contribute toward the diffusion and incorporation of these strategies by other communities, organizations, and governmental institutions.

With this orientation, initiatives in the Amazon, in the Atlantic Forest, and in their associated ecosystems have been supported. In its first phase (1995 to 2003), the DPA supported 194 projects, with 147 in the Amazon and 47 in the Atlantic Forest. The projects developed actions in the areas of agro-forest systems and environmental recovery, management of forest resources, management of aquatic resources, and environmental preservation. The DPA has in its conception the understanding that a large part of the field of socioenvironmental innovations is in civil society and in social movements, the basis for the building of processes of development regulated in new paradigms.

Source: Ministry of the Environment, site of the Subprogram Demonstrative Projects (DPA), accessed in November of 2014.