Pilot Program for the Protection of Tropical Forests

The Pilot Program for the Protection of Tropical Forests of Brazil is an initiative of the government and of Brazilian society, in partnership with the international community, which has as its goal the development of innovative strategies for the protection and sustainable use of the Amazon and Atlantic Forests, associated with the improvements in the quality of life of the local populations. The Pilot Program constitutes the largest program of multilateral cooperation related to an environmental theme of global importance.

In its original design, the general objective of the Pilot Program was defined as being “to maximize the environmental benefits of the tropical forests, in a manner consistent with the goals of development in Brazil, by means of the implantation of a methodology of sustainable development that will contribute with the continued reduction in the rate of deforestation”.

The Program is financed by donations from member nations of the former Group of Seven, of the European Union, and of the Netherlands, complemented by a growing counterpart in the Brazilian government, state governments, and organizations from civil society. The Ministry of the Environment (MMA) is responsible for its general coordination. The Pilot Program was proposed at a meeting of the Group of Seven Industrialized Countries (G-7) in the USA in 1990. It was approved by the G-7 and by the European Commission in December of 1991. In 1992, during the United Nations Conference on the Environment, Rio-92, the program was officially launched in Brazil. The first had their execution initiated in 1995.

The Ecological Corridor Project was one of the projects conceived under the scope of the first phase of the Pilot Program for the Protection of Tropical Forests in Brazil. As of 1999, the results reached by the subprograms and projects in execution and the discussions ensuing from the difficulties arising in their implementation triggered a process of review of the Program, which subsidized the limitations and objectives of its second phase.  

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