Ecological Station

ESEC de Caracaraí - RR  / Taylor Nunes / ICMBio RR

The Ecological Station as its objective the preservation of nature and the undertaking of scientific research. It is tenure and public domain, with the private areas included in its boundaries requiring expropriation. In these units public visitation is prohibited, except for educational purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Management Plan of the unit or specific regulation, and scientific research depends on previous authorization from the body responsible for the administration of the unit and is subject to the conditions and restrictions established by this body.

In the Ecological Stations alterations of the ecosystems are permitted in the case of: a) measures that look to the restoration of modified ecosystems; b) management of species with the goal of preserving biological diversity; c) collection of components of ecosystems to scientific ends; and d) scientific research whose impact on the environment is greater than that caused by the simple observation of by the controlled collection of components of the ecosystems, in an area corresponding to at the maximum three percent of the total area of the unit and up to the limit of one thousand five hundred hectares.1

Category Unidade de conservação Instância responsável Área (ha) Ano de criação
ESEC Águas do Cuiabá Estadual 11.328 2002
ESEC Aiuaba Federal 11.525 2001
ESEC Alto Maués Federal 668.160 2014
ESEC Aracuri-Esmeralda Federal 272 1981
ESEC Caracaraí Federal 80.560 1982
ESEC Carijós Federal 712 1987
ESEC Castanhão Federal 12.579 2001
ESEC Cuniã Federal 189.661 2001
ESEC Grão-Pará Estadual 4.245.819 2006
ESEC Guanabara Federal 1.935 2006
ESEC Guaraqueçaba (ESEC) Federal 4.370 1982
ESEC Iquê Federal 200.000 1981
ESEC Jari Federal 227.126 1982
ESEC Juami-Japurá Federal 837.650 2001
ESEC Jutaí-Solimões Federal 284.285 1983
ESEC Maracá Federal 101.312 1981
ESEC Maracá-Jipioca Federal 72.000 1981
ESEC Mata Preta Federal 6.563 2005
ESEC Mico Leão Preto Federal 6.677 2002
ESEC Murici (ESEC) Federal 6.116 2001
ESEC Niquiá Federal 286.600 1985
ESEC Pirapitinga Federal 1.090 1987
ESEC Raso da Catarina Federal 99.772 1984
ESEC Rio Acre Federal 77.500 1981
ESEC Rio da Casca Estadual 3.534 1994
ESEC Rio Flor do Prado Estadual 8.517 2003
ESEC Rio Madeirinha Estadual 13.683 1997
ESEC Rio Ronuro Estadual 102.000 1998
ESEC Rio Roosevelt Estadual 96.925 2007
ESEC Samuel Estadual 71.061 1989
ESEC Seridó Federal 1.166 1982
ESEC Serra das Araras Federal 28.700 1982
ESEC Serra dos Três Irmãos Estadual 87.409 1990
ESEC Serra Geral do Tocantins Federal 716.306 2001
ESEC Soldado da Borracha Estadual 178.948 2018
ESEC Taiamã Federal 11.200 1981
ESEC Taim Federal 32.797 1986
ESEC Tamoios (ESEC) Federal 8.450 1990
ESEC Terra do Meio Federal 3.373.111 2005
ESEC Tupinambás Federal 28 1987
ESEC Tupiniquins (ESEC) Federal 43 1986
ESEC Umirizal Estadual 59.897 2018
ESEC Uruçuí-Una Federal 135.000 1981


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  1. Brazil 2000. Federal Law Nº 9.985 of 07/18/2000. Regulates article 225 of the Federal Constitution and institutes the National System of Units of Conservation and other provisions. Available by clicking here. (in Portuguese)