Wildlife Refuge

The Wildlife Refuge has as its objective protecting natural environments where conditions are assured for the existence and reproduction of species or communities of the local flora and the resident or migratory fauna. It can be constituted by private areas, as long as it is possible to make compatible the objectives of the unit with the utilization of the land of the natural resources of the location by the landowners. Public visitation is subject to the conditions and restrictions established by the Management Plan of the unit and to the regulations established by the body responsible for its administration and scientific research depends on previous authorization from the body responsible for the administration of the unit and is subject to the conditions and restrictions established by this body.1

Category Unidade de conservação Instância responsável Área (ha) Ano de criação
RVS Ararinha Azul Federal 29.269 2018
RVS Arquipélago de Alcatrazes Federal 67.364 2016
RVS Boa Nova (RVS) Federal 15.024 2010
RVS Campos de Palmas Federal 16.582 2006
RVS Corixão da Mata Azul Estadual 40.000 2001
RVS Ilha dos Lobos Federal 142 2005
RVS Metrópole da Amazônia Estadual 6.367 2010
RVS Pe. Sérgio Tonetto Estadual 339 2016
RVS Quelônios do Araguaia Estadual 60.000 2001
RVS Rio dos Frades Federal 894 2007
RVS Santa Cruz Federal 17.741 2010
RVS Tabuleiro do Embaubal Estadual 4.034 2016
RVS Una (RVS) Federal 23.404 2007
RVS Veredas do Oeste Baiano Federal 128.521 2002


  1.  Brazil 2000. Federal Law Nº 9.985 of 07/18/2000. Regulates article 225 of the Federal Constitution and institutes the National System of Units of Conservation and other provisions. Available by clicking here. (in Portuguese)